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Our first major initiative is to build a proposed amount of five educational greenhouses for schools that specialize in behavioural challenges across Jamaica.

Behaviourally challenged schools, in particular, are substantially underfunded and often go neglected in Jamaica. Because of this, we've found a need for environmental education for behaviourally challenged children that we believe we can fulfill.

With Land We Love, one of our primary values is sustainability, so in consideration with this project, we plan on setting an example of sustainable living in Jamaica by leveraging our ability to produce these greenhouses primarily from recycled plastic bottles.

Through Land We Love, we want to not only steer the children of Jamaica towards new academic pursuits and nurture their educational pathways, but increase the overall sustainability of the Jamaican economy and its ecosphere. Through our Greenhouse Initiative, we aim to cultivate Jamaica's population by the roots, by educating the children to bring about a brighter future for our land.




“The Adopt A Wish program gives individuals, companies, or groups of individuals the opportunity to raise money to support an individual wish. You’ll follow the personal journey of a wish child as their wish is fulfilled.”

One of our most significant and proudly presented projects is our partnership with the Make-A-Wish foundation to bring joy to a child's life.

With the average price of granting a child's wish with the foundation being $15,000, we have already put forward $5,000 of this cost up front ourselves and will fundraise the remaining $10,000. In raising this money, we want to not only fulfill the rest of the outstanding price but also raise awareness for the cause. With Land We Love, we believe in communities coming together for the common good and solving problems no one individual could on their own. With this fundraiser, we want to show not only the children but the world how the contributions of others can make a difference. We will not only be asking for community donations, but other businesses as well to "pay it forward" by adopting Wishes of their own, and genuinely making meaningful changes in the world.

This Make-A-Wish partner fundraiser isn't just for an amorphous cause. This money will go towards making a suffering child's dream come true. So we ask everyone to do their part in bringing a smile to a child who has endured more than they ever should have.


Land We Love has fulfilled Miya’s wish thanks to our supporters


Mya is sweet 7-year-old girl who loves Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and the colour purple. Sadly, Mya is battling cancer and has had a difficult few years with chemotherapy treatments.

She loves reading and is especially interested in the ocean and marine life, but her one true wish is to visit Jamaica! She’s most excited to see the beautiful Jamaican beaches and ocean, and most importantly, the sea turtles. This trip will give Mya, her twin sisters, and her parents a chance to spend some time relaxing and growing stronger together. You can read more about Miya here.

Learn how Land We Love has partnered up with Make A Wish




At Land We Love, we believe every child deserves to grow up in a loving family home. Supportive family life can help a child grow into a respectable and upstanding adult, who in turn will go on and create their own devoted family, and so on for generations to come. These families serve as the backbone of Jamaican life, and it all starts with childhood.

It is an unfortunate reality that many children in Jamaica do not get the chance to grow up with these loving families. Hundreds of children grow up in neglect, without the support of parental figures to guide them in life. These children suffer through countless hardships and may fail to gain the appropriate life lessons taught by good parents.

In response to this situation, Land We Love is dedicated to raising $100,000 in pursuit of building multiple orphanages across Jamaica. These new orphanages will focus on guiding children through their youth and into adulthood, instilling in them essential values and love they would otherwise not be given.

These orphanages will continue giving children the loving life they deserve until they find homes of their own. We know we can't change the world overnight, but we believe that helping the children, our future, is the necessary step for the overall growth of our motherland, Jamaica.



One of Land We Love's highest priorities is providing education to Jamaican youth in need. We believe that starting Jamaican citizens' lives with fundamental, basic education will provide them with both knowledge and motivational ethics to create a stronger Jamaica for all in the future.

Every year, Land We Love will be giving away scholarships to Jamaican students that best exhibit ideals of perseverance, dedication, and yearning for education. As such, 2018 saw Land We Love give away ten scholarship awards to winners across Jamaica to attend their dream schools, a tradition we intend to return to every year.

We have now officially announced the 2019 Land We Love Scholarship. Please see the rules here to learn how you can apply.



Though we focus primarily on helping Jamaican youth with Land We Love, we believe in fostering that youth into adulthood as well. Allowing Jamaican citizens to gain the skills necessary for fulfilling and suitable careers is a fundamental step in bettering Jamaica's infrastructure, and Land We Love aims to do its part in aiding this step.

Unfortunately, outside of agriculture, there is a growing shortage of jobs in Jamaica. Many Jamaicans without appropriate career skills are stuck making money day to day by selling chips, bagged juice, and some even turn to prostitution. While they may earn a basic income like this, they can go their whole life without gaining any new job skills, and thus a chance to better their work and financial situation. This problem can be seen across Jamaica, with thousands of residents wishing for better employment but without the skills to be able to reach one.

In response to this, Land We Love will be building a career center in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica to help solve this issue of unemployment. With the Land We Love Career Center, we aim to provide the resources and the ability to gain these skills more efficiently, effectively putting them on the path towards a more hopeful future.

The job skills we hope to bring to Jamaican citizens will not only benefit the individuals but strengthen the Jamaican economy as a whole. A healthy economy stems from quality, available jobs and we believe that Land We Love's Career Center will help bring about that fundamental change.