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Our first mission with Land We Love greenhouses is to build a projected five Greenhouses in schools across Jamaica that specifically have behavioural challenges.
The reason why we are targeting schools specifically with behavioural challenges is that of the lack of infrastructure that is created. Jamaica cannot adequately fund these types of projects due to its lack of capital, which is why we want to use our expertise to lend a helping hand to those in need within Jamaica.
Considering one of our primary values is sustainability, we plan on setting an example of sustainable living in Jamaica by leveraging our ability to produce these greenhouses primarily from plastic bottles.
We want to be able to steer the youth of Jamaica in a direction where not only the people themselves can benefit from learning new things and working together but the overall sustainability of our land, Jamaica, will increase tenfold by initiatives such as this one.
The aim of this project is not only to teach the children about sustainable living and to provide the schools with more produce, but also to engage the children so they will have less time to partake in the corruption of our nation.


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“The Adopt A Wish program gives individuals, companies or groups of individuals the opportunity to raise money to support an individual wish. You’ll follow the personal journey of a wish child as their wish is fulfilled.”

One of the most significant projects that we are most proud of is the wish that we have adopted to complete on behalf of the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Considering that the average cost of a wish to complete is $15 000; we plan to put forward $5 000 upfront and fundraise the remaining $10 000. The reason why we plan to fundraise the remaining costs is to raise awareness and allow people the chance to become apart of the solution by putting their beliefs into action with us. Simultaneously, we will be asking other businesses as well to “pay it forward” by adopting a wish for your own business or donate to the one you believe in most because the start of a more connected universe begins with the openness and want to make a difference.

Raising funds for anything can be a complicated and cumbersome task, especially when the funds needed are to be used to help a child fulfil their wishes during their journey of life. That is why we precisely propose to be as creative and dedicated as possible in our fundraising methods to ensure that this wish turns into a reality with the appended hope of exceeding our goal.

Land We Love has fulfilled Miya’s wish thanks to our supporters


Mya is sweet 7-year-old girl who loves Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and the colour purple. She also has cancer, and has had a difficult few years with treatments including chemotherapy. 

She loves reading and is especially interested in the ocean and marine life. Her one true wish is to visit Jamaica! She’s most excited to see the ocean and have a chance to see sea turtles. This trip will give Mya, her twin sisters, and her parents a chance to spend some time relaxing and grow stronger, together. You can read more about Miya here.

Learn how Land We Love has partnered up with Make A Wish


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To create a welcoming community that is open and willing to accept others, it starts within a families house, no matter what happens to you within the world it is always a weight off your shoulders to be able to rest your head at the end of the day in a loving home.

Unfortunately, within Jamaica, children do not get the chance to grow up with a loving family as there is a copious amount placed in orphanages. No child deserves to be brought up in this world alone without parental figures. That is precisely why we will be doing our best to carry out initiatives to create funding on an ongoing basis.

We plan to raise USD 100 000 for multiple orphanages in Jamaica that will help ease the transition into teenage and adulthood for these children with the hopes that this money will be accelerating the process for these same children to be fully adopted.

We know we cant change the world overnight, but we believe that helping the children, our future, is the necessary step for the overall growth of our motherland, Jamaica.

Love is universal, and we understand it should be shared with everyone if you have the capabilities of doing so.

One of the biggest keys to a profitable and well-lived life is, of course, education. Being able to go to school to develop into a self-sustaining adult is a necessary step in life. That is why we will be providing five scholarships of USD 1000 each for four students in Jamaica and one student in Canada.


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One of the biggest keys to a profitable and well-lived life is, of course, education.

Being able to go to school to develop into a self-sustaining adult is a necessary step in life.

That is why we will be providing five scholarships of USD 1000 each for four students in Jamaica and one student in Canada.

See below the details/rules on the LwL Scholarship.

1. Must be legal residents of (Canada) (Jamaica)
2. Describe a personal achievement story
3. Explain your struggles or adversity
4. Display how you overcame your adversity or struggle
5. Academic aggregate of at least B
6. Please include a short video introduction (can be taken on a Cell phone or laptop camera)
7. All applicants under the age of eighteen or minors at the time of application must have the permission of at least one parent
8. 4x Scholarship valued @$1,000 for Jamaican Students
9. 1x Scholarship valued @$1,000 for Canadian Student


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Another key to a long and sustaining life is having a career. A profession that allows you to put your skills to use and develop a routine that can distract you from the negative in life.

Outside of agriculture, there is a job shortage within Jamaica. Many Jamaicans are stuck making money day to day by selling chips, bagged juice and some even turning to prostitution, things that do provide an income, but it is entirely unsustainable and does very little in means of establishing a career for the future. Leaving many citizens with the option to apply for a permanent resident card, a Caricom passport, or even a visa which is deemed an unaffordable for the average Jamaican Citizen.

Land We Love will be building a career centre in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica to move toward solving this issue of unemployment. Within the Land We Love career centre, we aim to provide the resources and the ability to gain these documents more easily and efficiently while also making the application process affordable.

A healthy economy stems from quality, available jobs and we believe that by creating this career centre we will accomplish just that.


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