Our Mission

With Land We Love, our purpose is to improve the health and welfare of Jamaican children as well as to contribute to the environmentally sustainable development in under-served areas of Jamaica. With Jamaica as our anchor, we will continue to spread these actions worldwide.

We strive to achieve this by implementing our four main values not only throughout all of our projects but in everything that we do:


"This is a nonprofit organization for children and career development down in Jamaica. Y'all, people like you guys are selfless and people like you help make this world a better place.

— Aljamain Sterling, UFC Fighter



Our name isn't just for show, we truly do Love the Land of Jamaica.

Our spirit is undyingly passionate for the wellbeing of Jamaica and we have faith in our righteous cause.


We hold an intimate understanding of the cultural nuances that foster the trust and support from the people that affect change in Jamaica.


We see opportunity in collaborating with the hardworking people of Jamaica. With Land We Love, we aim to use every possibility available to us to build a better Jamaican future.


100% of all profits gained by Land We Love are allocated towards helping the world. Of this, 80% of all benefits will go towards helping the children of Jamaica and progressing the career development of young adults, while 20% of the profits will be a focus on other, similar worldwide relief efforts.