2018 Land We Love Scholarship Winners


Name: Damani Lim

University/College: Caribbean Maritime University

“This scholarship means so much to me as it will greatly offset some of my financial struggles. Failure is not an option. Thank you Land we love Scholarship!”


Name: Francia Samuels

University/College: University of West Indies

“This scholarship means more than words can explain. I feel like a champion who has been given the platform to continue to strive for excellence and not just excellence but to stand as an example to other persons that with hard work and faith in God, there comes great reward. The root of education is bitter, but the fruit is sweet. I want to remind my fellow Jamaicans that you don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.”


Name: Krystal McDonald

University/College: St. Joseph's Teachers' College

“Winning this scholarship means pressing on, it means to go forth and do even better, it says to me that hard work does not go unrecognized, it says great things are in store and I should continue to dream, act on my dreams and reap the rewards of my success. It embodies my personal mantra Believe, Do, Conquer and I will persevere until I am at the extreme top.”

Elombe Calvert.jpeg

Name: Elombe Isaa Calvert

University/ College: University of the West Indies

“Being a recipient of the Land We Love Scholarship means a great deal to me. It reaffirms my will to keep on pursuing my dreams and the hope of one day becoming an Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. The future is ours seize it!”


Name: Aneisha Gordon

University/ College: University of the West Indies

“This scholarship means the world to, words cannot explain my level of gratitude. This scholarship gives me hope and eliminate a large portion of my worries. Due to your generosity I am one step closer to achieving my goal. I am extremely grateful for your contribution. Thank you.”


Name: Candace Hayden

University/ College: Shortwood Teachers' College

Caption: “I am just very overjoyed by the realness of being a winner of this scholarship. I am also very grateful as for me this award is truly a blessing. It will aid in a major way by fueling the manifestation of my dreams. I would like to thank you all for investing in my potential as it has made me feel even more motivated and encouraged to do even more on my end, so as to achieve even more.”


Name: Joni Valentine

University/ College: The University of the West Indies

“I am so happy and honoured to be one of the selected recipients! This will not only relieve the financial burdens that my family face but it will also motivate me to overcome whatever obstacles present themselves in my endeavours to become a Registered Nurse and future Family Nurse Practitioner.”

Bright Smile  exhibiting excellence.jpg

Name: Joel Hall

University/ College: University of Technology

“Land We Love, I sincerely believe that through hard work, fierce dedication and faith all things are possible. I will do my utmost best to make your organization proud! You have enhanced my opportunity of becoming one of Jamaica’s best engineers.”


Name: Jamall Stewart

University/ College: University of West Indies

“Already, receiving this scholarship has completely changed everything for me as it will help me to live a more comfortable university life without the stress or constant worrying about my university financial status. Furthermore, a great weight has been lifted from my family’s shoulders. I’m just extremely proud to know that I have worked so hard, and God has made a way through the Land We Love Scholarship to provide this opportunity to not only myself but to ten other students.”


Name: Shanique Singh

University/ College: The University of the West Indies

“Winning this scholarship means so much to me and I am extremely grateful that the potential had been seen in me. This is will assist in a big way not just in the form of having a part of my tuition paid but it will also motivate me to keep pushing myself and achieve as much as I can. Thank you once again.”


Name: Mori Barret

University/ College: Caribbean Maritime University

This scholarship embodies the saying, "You can be down, but not out" The potential you have may only be limited by how far you are willing to go, and pushing the limits matters when you recognize that someone believes in the value you can add to the world. Thank you Land We Love, for an opportunity to prove my worth and for recognizing that worth in our eleven stories.”